Say Hello To My Little Friend…

Well, many of you told me that I was crazy and I have to admit, I sort of knew you were right.  A few months ago I wrote a post called Six Things I Might Never Understand and it got a lot of traffic.  On one day alone I had over 4,000 views, and every one of those readers heard about how much I disliked phone games, and how I don’t understand how anyone else can like them either.  I went as far as to give examples, Angry Birds, Words With Friends, etc., and almost every one of you told me how I was missing out, but I still wasn’t convinced.

However, something happened between then and now, over the course of four months to be exact.  I fell in love.  I fell in love with a game, but not just any game.  I fell in love with a GASP a phone game.  DrawSomething.

For those of you not familiar with DrawSomething, essentially it is a modern-day Pictionary where you draw on an iPad or phone screen with your finger.  You can play it with your Facebook friends, or if no one you know in the real world is around, you can play a complete stranger somewhere out in the internet universe.

My interest in DrawSomething started out innocently enough.  I played a few times on Matt’s iPad and I enjoyed it.  My pictures were simple, and I didn’t put much thought into them.  However, something happened.  Friends started finding me on DrawSomething and initiating games.  You could say my obsession with the game sneaked up on me without me even realizing it, because pretty soon I was playing regularly.  Little by little my pictures became more intricate.  I would sometimes spend twenty minutes on a single game, creating a masterpiece.  I purchased more colors other than the standard black, red, yellow, and blue.  I was playing sometimes four to five games a day.  I would wake up thinking about DrawSomething, and without even asking, Matt would simply hand over his iPad to me with a knowing glance.  I wouldn’t go to bed without checking to see if any of my opponents had drawn me a picture back.  Soon I had to face it, I was involved in a full-blown relationship with DrawSomething.

I felt like such a fraud.  Hadn’t I claimed to thousands of readers that I hated phone games?  I rationalized my fixation, saying that technically it wasn’t a phone game, for me anyway, because I was playing it on an iPad.  After a while I knew I had to face the truth, and more importantly face my readers.  I had to tell you all that I have converted to the other side where people like phone games.  I don’t know if DrawSomething is an exception to my rule, or if there will ever be another phone game that I like as much.  Either way, let me go on the record as saying that I like DrawSomething.  I like it a lot.

Here are some of my highlights:




Hamburger, fries, and Coke.


Does anyone else love DrawSomething as much as I do?

~The End.