The Class of 2011 Most Over-Exposed Celebrity Superlatives

Can we talk about all the overexposed reality stars and celebrities for a minute?

Before I go any further, I would just like to say that almost all the people I’m about to call out, I have once been a fan of.  However, somehow or some way, they or their PR people ran rampant with their fame, and now every time I see them I cannot help but let out a huge groan saying, “Please, for the love, just go away for a while!  Please?”

What I’m wondering is why aren’t their agents, managers, public relations teams, families, friends, etc., giving them good advice and telling them to lay low for a little while?  Seriously, why is nobody doing that?!

With that, I bring you…

The Class of 2011 Most Over-Exposed Celebrity Superlatives:

Biggest Train-Wreck

Christina Aguilera

Duuuuuude, what happened to you?

Remember when X-Tina used to be a classy little babe?  Okay, so maybe she was never really “classy” per se, but she definitely used to take better care of herself.  Now, every time we hear about her, it’s either because she is wasted, flubbing the lyrics to the national anthem, or just acting like a train-wreck in general.  X-Tina, I think it might be time for an intervention…What do ya say?

Biggest Fraud

Miley Cyrus

Would Micky Mouse approve of this get-up?

I’m not going to be too hard on Miley, she’s young and maybe she’s just finding herself, but at the same time, when did she go from being a Disney darling to…well…what she is now?  Maybe it was all the private vaca’s with her boyfriends when she was 16, or maybe her parents gave her too much freedom?  Whatever the reason, Miley is way out of control, and she needs someone to bring her back to reality, or else her career is headed for La-Lohan ville.  C’mon Miley get it together, and take a break from the limelight for a minute, okay?

Most Dysfunctional Family

The Kardashian’s

I have no words for this caption.

I must confess, I really was a fan of the Kardashian’s for a long time, but somewhere between Kim’s 72 day marriage and Rob’s stint on Dancing With The Stars, I had an intense urge to scream every time I saw one (or all of them) on the tele.  Sure the show is funny…sometimes, but you can’t deny that they are quite dysfunctional.  Kourtney, Khloe, and Kim all talk openly and vulgarly about sex in front of their two young sisters, and overall, they are just inappropriate in every way, shape, and form.  The thing is, the Kardashian’s  have taken over the world, and here’s the kicker, none of them are talented!  For anything!  Wait, why are they famous again?  It’s time to leave America alone for a little while, Kardashian’s.  Please say you’ll give us a breather?  Maybe then we’ll miss you.  Maybe.

Biggest Loser

Ashton Kutcher


C’mon dude, really?  Why’d you have to play Demi like that?  Didn’t we all saw it coming though?  I don’t know about you, but I always felt like he was kind of using Demi for her fame.  He openly cheated on her multiple times, and after the second time, he didn’t even try to hide it.  It poses the question, was he trying to get caught, so Demi would have to be the one to pull the plug on the marriage?  Way to break up with her like a 7th grader, Ashton…Ugh, go away.

Biggest “I Want to Like You, But You’re Really Annoying Me Lately”

Taylor Swift

Dear Taylor, Please stop making this face. Thank you.

I want to like you, Taylor Swift, I really do.  You seem really sweet, and like a genuinely nice person, but you’re really annoying me.  Has anyone else wondered what Taylor Swift is so freaking surprised by?  First of all, she wins EVERYTHING!  She’s on the CMT awards sweeping it, the MTV awards winning everything, the Grammy’s taking home the most awards…so what the h is she so shocked by?  She would annoy me less if she just went up there to accept an award and said, “Wow, so I totally knew I was probably gonna win this, because let’s face it, I win everything and I’m awesome.”

Biggest Man-Eater

Jennifer Lopez

The ink isn't even dry on her divorce papers.

J-Lo hasn’t changed a bit in the 11 or 12 years she has been in the limelight.  She has always been the girl who jumps from one relationship to the next.  The ink isn’t even dried yet on her divorce papers to Marc Anthony, and she is already vacationing with a 24-year-old dancer.  I’m not sure if J-Lo doesn’t like to be alone, or if she just enjoys life more in a relationship, but either way, that’s her business and to each their own.  All I’m saying is, it’s okay if she doesn’t need a breather in between relationships, but America might need one, before we see her gallivanting with yet another lover.

Most Untalented Duo

Jessica and Ashlee Simpson

Why are these two famous again?

So, first came Jessica…she was cute and bubbly with an amazing voice circa 2000-2002, but then something happened.  She got bad advice, and started over-singing and making really disturbing faces while doing so.  A few years later, Ashlee rode on Jess’s coattails and came onto the scene.  Sure her reality show was entertaining for a minute, and her music was even kind of enjoyable, too.  However, both of their star power petered out by 2006-2007, but somehow they still remain in the celebrity news.  Why?  Neither one makes music anymore, and they’re not really doing anything worth reporting.  It might be time for the Simpson sister’s to retire.  Somehow I think Joe Simpson would have a problem with that, though…

Biggest Disaster/Most In Denial

Lindsay Lohan

Really Lindsay, no one told you painting F*** U on your nails for court appearance was a bad idea?

Lindsay Lohan…what is there left to even say that hasn’t already been said?  She is a disaster.  I feel bad for her in a way, because it doesn’t seem like she has anyone in her camp (including her mother) giving her good advice.  Instead, she only has people  enabling her bad behaviors, and re-enforcing her ridiculous antics.  Sadly, jail time wasn’t even a wake up call for this lost soul.  I don’t know what the future holds for La-Lohan, but my gut feeling tells me it’s not anything good.

So, tell me…

Who do you think is the most over-exposed in 2011?

~The End.

Photos by TMZ,,, and IMDB.


Of Marriage and Men…

I am one of those people who believes that the more a girl wants to get married, the longer it takes for it to happen for her.  Don’t you agree?  Remember Charlotte?  No one wanted to get married more than Charlotte, and yet it took her forever to find someone to settle down with.  We’ll call Charlotte’s classification, Type A.

Awww, poor Char Char.

A Type A. is a girl who meets a guy, and on their first date, starts talking about what kind of diamond she wants, or worse, baby names.  Type A. tells every one of her girlfriends that she has finally met the one with every new guy she meets, and begins her quest for a husband at 16 (or younger), but has the hardest time sealing the deal in a relationship.  Then, there are those girls who could care less about getting married…We’ll call this kind of girl Type B.  A Type B. is the girl who has a totally laid back approach on love.  She is in no hurry to be in a relationship, let alone marriage.  She dates to have fun, not to tie someone down.  Usually a Type B., will without really caring or trying, find ‘the one’ without much effort or heartache at all.  Everything will fall naturally into place, and there will usually not be much drama along the way.

So, this all had me wondering…Is it that laid back approach with Type B. that really hooks the guy?  And is it that eagerness in Type A. who makes the guy run for the hills?  Well, I really don’t know.  Although, I have found the kicker to be, (and btw, I have seen this happen many times), that you can take the same guy and put him with Type A. and he’ll say he is not ready to commit, and then you can take that same guy and put him with Type B., and suddenly he’ll be magically ready to commit, and proposing to her after six months of dating.  WTF?!  It’s like some cruel joke to Type A.  Take for instance, poor Jessica Simpson…

Classic Type A.: aka; The lovelorn type. I mean, look at how she is gazing at him. She soooo wants to have his babies. Don't front, Jess, you're very, very eager to get married.

Then there’s Cameron…

Type B: The easy-going laid back type. Cameron totally knows how to work that charm to snag a hubby (if she should decide she wants one...although, I don't think she has yet...)

By opening with such a statement you probably thought that I was now going to go into a whole shpeel about which type of girl I am, followed by everything I have learned about relationships and blah, blah, blah…

Well, I’m not, because you are getting a little bored, right?  I mean, I am kind of getting sick of hearing myself talk.

But I don’t want to leave you hanging, so if I must define myself as a Type A. or Type B.,  I would have to say I’m kind of in between-y. Maybe at points in my life I have been a little more of a Type A., and at other times maybe a little more of a Type B…

Either way, I am married now.  So, hooray!

P.S.  I literally have NO idea why any of these thoughts occurred to me today.

P.P.S.  Disclaimer:  Ain’t nothin’ wrong with either type. I am firm believer that everyone should be true to themselves, and their wants and needs.  So, whatever your type might be, go ahead and let your freak flag fly.

Here are some things that I have learned about love, though:

The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain. – Dolly Parton

I can live without money, but I cannot live without love. – Judy Garland

The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves. -Victor Hugo

When love is not madness, it is not love. – Pedro Calderon de la Barca

Love is being stupid together. -Paul Valery

If I loved you less, I might be able to talk about it more. -Jane Austen