Hooray for Halloween…That Scary Boo-ey Halloween

Don’t you just love Halloween?!  It’s the one night of the year where you can dress up as someone completely different from yourself, where gaudy make-up, channel your dark side, or even cross-dress if you’re into that sort of thing.  The bottom line is, anything goes.  Just think, you can be anything or anyone you want.  The possibilities are endless.

In the past I’ve dressed up as…(Well, these are the costumes I remember…)

Age 1:  Annie from the movie Annie…(I basically came out of the womb singing “Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow, you’re only a daaaaaaayyyyy ahhhhhh-waaaaaaayyyyyyy!”)  P.S.  My mom even put a little red curly wig on me.

Age 5:  Minnie Mouse

Age 7:  Tinkerbell

Age 9:  Wednesday from The Adams Family (I had a headless doll and everything.)

Age 11:  A male convict.  (What can I say?  I was inspired after going to Alcatraz in San Francisco and learning about Al Capone.)

Age 12:  A warty ugly witch

Age 14:  A cowgirl from Coyote Ugly

Age 15:  Juliet in her angel costume from the modern Romeo and Juliet

I still love this picture. My costume wasn't quite as good as this, but I remember that I spent hours and hours making my angel wings...

Age 16:  A hula girl

Age 17:  Britney Spears in her “Crazy” video outfit, which consisted of a shimmery green midriff top, complete with a wireless headset microphone.  Yeah, I did that…what of it?

Age  20:  Britney gone cowgirl  (P.S. Now I have no idea what that meant, but I think it was my interpretation of Britney Spears if she dressed like a cowgirl.  Yeah, I went through a Brit-Brit phase…that lasted about 6 years.  Don’t ask.)

Thought you all might appreciate this…

Don't laugh...Don't laugh...Okay, you can laugh.

Age 23:  Cowgirl take 2 (I’m noticing a trend here…)

Age 25:  An 80’s fitness instructor



This picture was my style inspiration for becoming Dolly...How'd I do?

So, let’s talk about the Dolly costume for a quick second.  To sum it up simply…It was friggin’ exhausting being Dolly!  She wasn’t kidding when she said, “I look just like the girls next door… if you happen to live next door to an amusement park!”  Because that’s exactly what I felt like walking around as her for a night.  First of all, the bubbies were exhausting!!  I had to wear three bras stuffed with paper towel to get the right sized ta-ta’s.  I can’t imagine carrying the kind of weight around that Doll does.  She must have to do lots of back strengthening exercises to hold those suckers up!  Second of all, don’t even get me started on the hair!  So, I know Dolly doesn’t wear a wig (that we know of…) but that big hair is pretty burdensome, too!  Holy cow!  Let me just say that that’s a commitment rocking hair that large and in charge.  Maybe it’s because I can’t stand lots of products and stuff in my hair, or maybe it’s because it drives me crazy not being able to run my hands through my hair, but that beefed up hair was the pits.  Lastly, and third of all, to really metamorphosis into the Doll-inator, there has to be copious amounts of make-up.  I mean, you can’t be Dolly without the works…foundation, loose powder, pressed powder, cream blush, powder blush, pencil eyeliner, liquid eyeliner, multiple eye shadow colors, bright pink lipstick, and last but not lease, false lashes.  Now, I don’t know if Dolly wears that much make-up when she’s just chilling at home, but if she does; hat’s off to you, Doll!!

I must confess, my original plan was not to be Dolly Parton for Halloween, I was actually going to be Sookie from True Blood.  I bought the Merlott’s baby-tee, had the little apron ready to go, but when I put the wig on, it was just so completely ridiculous and big that there was no taming that sucker down.  I tried to put it back in a ponytail, and I’d say to myself, “Does that look like Sookie?”  I thought no.  I tried to put it in a side ponytail…”Does that look like Sookie?!”  A big fat no resounded.  So, I thought, “What’s a girl to do with a big blonde Texas beauty queen wig?”  Wait for it…wait for it…Be Dolly Parton instead!  DUH!

And thus the idea to become Dolly for Halloween was sprung.

Now, I don’t know if you noticed that I said become Dolly for Halloween, instead of be Dolly for Halloween…You want to know why?

That would be because this was more than a little dress up as Dolly, this was like a channel of Dolly.  Once I put that wig on, I was Dolly Parton.  I danced around in an interpretive country line dance (I say interpretive because I have no idea how to country line dance), I sang “Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jo-leee-eeenee…” until Matt said, “Okay, Jolene, enough!”  To which I replied, “I’m not Jolene, I’m Dolly.  Got it?”

It was awful fun being the Doll-inator, but just for one night.  She is way too involved to ever consider revisiting as many times as I did the cowgirl…

Sorry Doll…

Thought I’d leave you with a little Dolly P.

Have a listen –> 03 Jolene

Group shot!

Happy Halloween!

Hey!  Wait!  I almost forgot, what are you guys dressing up as for Halloween?!