Who is this broad anyway?

My name is Sarah Barkoff Palma.  My last name used to just be Barkoff until recently when I got hitched.  I am still adjusting to my new identity, so I think of my new last name as an alias, and it’s become my new favorite game.  Here are some basic facts about moi.

1. You guys, I’m 30 years old!  I feel very old and wise to announce this news.  Actually, I don’t feel old at all.  In fact, I feel like stuff’s just about to get good.

2.  I am married to Matt who is a medical student/genius/Adonis.  I’m definitely gonna hold onto him with the jaws of life, if you know what I mean.  He’s a smarty pants who has no idea how good-looking he is. <–SCORE!

3.  We lived in Grenada (which is in the West Indies) for two years so he could attend med school, but now we live in Park Slope where he’s doing his clinical rotations, and I’m writing, writing, and more writing.
4.  I’m not from New York, but I’ve lived here for the past 10 years. I am from Deeeeeeetroit, Michigan and my whole family still lives there <—TEAR 😥
5.  I was a child actress and grew up traveling the United States in Broadway musicals.
6.  My day job is doing huuuuuuur (that’s hair) and teaching hair-cutting to very talented apprentice’s.

7. I have what I like to call an acquired sense of humor.  Do with that information what you will.
8. I graduated from the New School.
9.  I’m Italiano.
10.  However, I don’t eat that much pasta.  I eat salads…lots of them…Not to brag, but I’m kind of a connoisseur of the salad.
11.  I love show tunes.  Like, a lot.  Like, a lot, a lot.
12. My husband is my teenage dream.  Also, do with that information what you will.
13. I love to sing and dance.
14.  I love Jane Austen, Brit movies, and Brit singers.  I am kind of a Brit brat.
15.  I live for those real life mystery shows.  They creep me out, but I can’t stop!

Basically I am writing this blog so I can rant and rave about my daily random musings, my Larry David moments, stuff that makes me laugh so hard I pee, and basically stuff that I contemplate, deliberate, and speculate about.


118 thoughts on “Who is this broad anyway?

  1. Started reading your blog from Reagan’s. Lovin’ it. You had me when I saw the photo of you in Les Mis. ❤ 🙂 Great writing, lots of fun. I"m a little jel of the adventure you're on right now. I'm in boring ole' DC .

    • Hi Allison! Thanks for reading! I always feel so special when people tell me that they found my blog from Reag, bc it means a lot that you guys would keep comin’ back:) P.S. Don’t let my adventure mislead you…Sometimes I am incredibly bored here, too!

  2. I must admit, your blog is the first blog I have visited that I have actually taken the time to read more than one post. I love your style. I think I am going to follow your blog. Yep, definitely made up my mind. Congrats on being a newly wed. Marriage is a beautiful thing if you have married someone for the right reasons. It can be a challenge at times, but as long as you hold on to what brought you together in the first place, then you’ll be just fine. I would suggest taking the tattoo test. The test is to ask yourself the question “Would I get my husband’s name tattooed on my body?” I would explain it more, but I’m tired of writing. If you’re curious, check out my blog alincolnformythinkin.wordpress.com, and read the R.I.P. Marriage posts. Trust me, it’s not as grim as it sounds. Well, maybe a little bit. I must fore warn you, language can be a little colorful, so hope you are not easily offended. Anyway, now that I have finished my “War and Peace” comment, great blog. I’m looking forward to your next post.

    • Well, thank you so much for taking the time!! Also, thanks for the congrats on being a newlywed! It’s the best!! Thanks for reading:)

  3. Oh, living in Grenada for a bit? Nice… I am from Trinidad and Tobago (also West Indies, if you didn’t know)
    Congrats on your new ‘alias’ =) I love that you and Matt are newlyweds that are studying… I’ve been thinking about if I could do the same as well. So it’s very nice to see some people are getting it done. Looking forward to articles on the newlywedded bliss and of course your Caribbean experience.
    Summer from T&T
    PS- subscribe to my blog theoryofstring.wordpress.com =) Then I may have some impetus to post more Caribbean stuff =)

    • I will definitely be posting more about GND! Hey, did you read my post about the fish market? I think you might like it. Thanks for reading:)

  4. Found your blog via “freshly pressed.” You have a gift. You write from the soul and let the stream of conciousness flow naturally. I’m a Brit brat, too. Watching Brit-coms on PBS is a favorite pasttime. Anyway…would love your feedback on my blogs sometime 🙂

    • Why thanks cbgrace, that’s the best compliment I have received all day! One of my dreams is to actually write a novel! Thanks for reading:)

  5. Are you like…my twin or something?
    I recently got married too, and I still use my original name. I plan to use my new last name when I feel comfortable with it. =D
    I’m Italian-American, and I love salads too. Seriously. If I go into some new place and find nothing I like to eat, I’ll order a salad and be done with it.
    I lived in New York for six months with my aunt Maggie and miss the place so freaking much.
    I feel the world would be a very empty place without Jane Austen. She’s like…my writing idol. I know the first sentences of all her books by heart. It’s kind of like this insane obsession, really.
    I also love Harry Potter. Hence I love anything British, but hell, I’m not a brit-pick.
    I love crime shows to death. I can’t live without watching one a day. 20 mins in and I’ll be able to tell you who the culprit is.
    And by the way, you have an awesome blog! Keep writing! 🙂

  6. Point 5 impressed me. You have a great sense of humor, witty manner of writing that I enjoy, and your travels/ pursuits have made you a well-rounded, respectable individual. Also, I love your muffin/bubble pictures. I’m actually jealous, they’re so cool. Great scenery, black and white is always superior.. anyways, will be staying tuned!

    Aun Aqui

    • Awesome! Thanks for reading!! Good to hear from a fellow Michigander. I guess Detroit-ish because I am actually from Dearborn, however, I am a die hard Detroit supporter!

  7. I def agree with the British movies and singers thing. I only just found out about Cheryl Cole when the whole x factor us debacle happened and I feel so cheated that I can’t buy her stuff here. British entertainment is on a whole other level. BBC , Spooks!!!

  8. Sarah,
    I too am from Michigan, I live and work in Grand Blanc which is south of Flint. Congratulations on the nuptuals!!! You sound devinely happy! I enjoy your blogs and have recently begun blogging myself. Self expression is a wonderful thing! I agree with so much of what you are saying. I’m older than you, I have a 22 year old son, I’m a former pre-K teacher of 12 years but thanks to budget cuts I had to look for something else before things got worse, I’m a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, etc., but most importantly…….I’m a cancer survivor! I love living life!! I look forward to reading more of your blogs.
    What were you in as a child actor?????

  9. Oh, Sarah! Your photos are so cute. I like them so much.
    My fiancee is a full on (haha) doctor. Prepare thyself, my fellow future doctor’s wife! That could be an entire blog by itself…but if I wrote it, it would have to be so anonymous it wouldn’t be fun!

    I wish you the best in all your adventures. You have gained a new reader today! 🙂

  10. Great blog! I too have an unnatural obsession with true crime shows — I love me some Dateline or City Confidential. Not above watching The First 48 either. Don’t you love trying to figure out of the person they’re interviewing throughout the whole thing is actually in jail? Anyway…enjoying your posts!

  11. YOU are beautiful! What a ‘voice’ you have! Are you really from Detroit? You sound like “Brooklyn” to me. “Ai; whatcha doin”!!! “Toid avenue and toidie toid street! And Hurry!!”

    In my mind, I’m still on Flatbush Avenue.

    Anyway, you are a gem. keep writing. You’ve made an old man’s day!


  12. I’d like to read that picture above as: “I am bubbly.” You look like it. And on initial skimming, your blog looks interesting. So perhaps you can expect more of me visiting here. 🙂

  13. Sarah, you are absolutely hilarious, endearing, and totally real! How refreshing to blast out those cobwebs that collect dust in my heart! So cheers to you, the bravery you have to write, and putting a smile on my face while I adventure through life.

    I am soooo looking forward to reading your blog. It’s even better than working on my jigsaw puzzle! Yes, yes, my life is that interesting. We can all live vicariously through you.

  14. I think you’re so cool, love the tone of voice throughout your blog- I just kept reading and reading and i’m usually not a reader at all! Looking forward to your future posts 🙂 xoxo

  15. You ROCK!! 🙂 And before I read that you were a hair stylist.. I thought your hair looked so awesome and healthy.. hahaha.. very pretty, look forward to reading more..

  16. I am new to this place, and I stumbled upon your blog (and some others too) in the Freshly Pressed section. But I liked your posts, and they were probably the only ones that I read all the way! Anyway, I am looking forward to reading more! 🙂

  17. Hi Sarah, I recently stumbled across your blog, and I am hooked. I just thought I would pop over and say hello, and I really look forward to continuing to read your blog in 2012! 😀


  18. i’m here via freshly pressed and i love your blog! congrats on being a newly wed, and your other life adventures! i’ve been married a little over a year now…isn’t it the best? anyway, you’ve got yourself a new follower! keep writing!

  19. Sarah, I think I LIKE you. You have a zest for life that I find rare in this stressed world we live in. You look at life a little differently, and that difference is refreshing. I look forward to reading more and more of your pieces. Great banner & profile pics. Who took them?

  20. Hi, Sarah… found your blog because you made the “Freshly Pressed” page (congrats on that – still not sure if it’s random selection or multiple hits… either way, that is great for ya!). Your posts are quirky enough that they caught my attention – looking forward to reading more, so keep them coming!

  21. My son and I went to see “Les Miz” last week during it’s short run here in Tampa ~ just wondering if you’ve had the opportunity to see the “new” version yet, and what you thought if you had? I’d been wanting to see the production for about 15 years, and had only seen the concert versions (10th and 25th anniversary) on PBS, and he wanted to see it too after watching the 25th anniversary one recently. Both of us loved the stage version.

  22. Hi! I nominated you for the Creative Chaos blog award cos I love to read your lovely blog. If you wanna know what to do for the nomination take a little look see on my blog. Yay!

  23. Pingback: The Results Are In… | Sarah Smiles Awhile

  24. I was going to keep this a secret as I have nominated you for the Reader Appreciation Award as my seventh contestant, and I know how busy you are, but heck, why not, I’ll let you know about it anyways. 😀 http://wp.me/p1ex8U-Wn. Hope you know how much you are appreciated. Even if several weeks go by and we are deprived of your heartwarming humor. (Hint. Hint). 😀


  25. Persuasion, Sense & Sensibility, Pride & Prejudice…yeah! I love British TV shows and movies, especially period dramas. Fun to find another Austen fan! Have you seen the “Lost in Austen” series yet?

  26. I like ‘BritBrat’. I’m going to start calling my wife that. I probably should be commenting on your page because I’m in Boston, but I’m not ‘from’ here either, so I guess it’s OK. Nice blog. I enjoyed looking around. And re: underated stuff, yes, I enjoy comfortable silences and that scene in Pulp Fiction too. In fact, I just like Pulp Fiction.


  27. I only read a few posts but I love how you write from the heart and are true to yourself. That’s something beautiful. Keep it up and enjoy writing those novels, I think you’ll be really successful in writing like other’s have pointed out. I’m also planning to find that perfect agent for my novels by this summer, that should be fun to accomplish 🙂 Wish you the best with it!

  28. Stumbled upon your blog this morning and really enjoyed the discovery. Best of luck with your literary pursuits. I have just been epublished in the contemporary romance genre, but have a YA manuscript I’m really trying to get published the traditional route (kinda like snail mail will always trump texts, a paperback novel is still way better than an ebook, although I love my Nook!!). Still getting agent rejections but still determined to find one! You are certainly a busy woman! Don’t know how you have time to do everything you’re doing. Wow! I look forward to reading more of your musings.

  29. I don’t browse peoples blogs often, but stumbling on this one, in a way satisfied me. If I could go into deep explanation I would. I like your style, and I will definitely be following.

  30. Just stopping by to say What’s up? And I am curious about what it was like to live in the West Indies. Are you doing the whole MFA thing? Because I’d like to apply this year and I want to know everything.

  31. I truly enjoyed reading your blog, very entertaining. I also like reading Jane Austen novels – I even read a spin off called “Jane Austen Bites Back” which was such a novelty. I hope that you do get to be an actress on the big screen since I believe you would have great onscreen presence.

    P.S. Congrats on your recent nuptials – the way you described it is so sweet, romantic and magical

  32. How adorable are you! Love your blog and think you are too funny. I also come from Detroit, moved to Los Angeles, met my paramour and then we somehow ended up in Pennsylvania?
    Huh :-/
    Dream Big!!!!

  33. “I love Jane Austen, Brit movies, and Brit singers. I am kind of a Brit brat.” Not heard ‘Brit brat’ before. As a Brit myself am wondering if I can be one of those.

  34. You sound absolutely deight-ful and funny!
    I’ve read a couple of your posts and I can’t help but agree and smile at the same time. Also as I was reading your Bio, I noticed that you said you like some british things. When I read that all of a sudden I imagined you talking in a Brit accent. Although you’re from Michigan so that doesn’t exactly work out . . haha.
    Anyway excellent blog.
    I’m going to follow you for more funny and relate-able posts 🙂


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