The Tale of the Text Message Mishap…

Have you ever accidentally sent a text message to the wrong person?  I’m proud to say that I have been a cell phone user for close to eleven years and have never slipped up once.

That is, until now.

It all started when I went into the city for a quick haircut.  I spent the morning doing homework, cleaning the apartment, getting a quick manicure, grabbing a coffee, all before heading off to my appointment at one o’clock.  My best friend Reagan, who is the other half to my Dolly, has cut my hair for years, and I couldn’t wait to see her and let her work her magic on my mop of a head.

When I got to my appointment, we chatted away for an hour, and by the end of it I left with an amazing haircut.  I looked down at my watch and realized it was two o’clock, and that I had promised Matt I would be home for the dry cleaning delivery at three.  As I hurried to get to the subway, I thought to myself, “I should really send Reagan a text and tell her how much I love my new ‘do,” but then I immediately thought, “I’ve also got to text Matt and tell him about running late.”  As my mind was racing, I happened to walk passed a pet store that had incredibly cute puppies playing in the window, and I couldn’t resist whipping out my phone for a quick picture to send to my mom and Matt.  One text to Matt turned into a full on conversation, and pretty soon I had nearly two conversations going.  Oh, and did I mention that I stopped to get a frozen yogurt and was eating all at the same time?

Do you sense the disaster coming?

I got to the subway, tossed my empty cup into the garbage, swiped my metro card, and realized I never texted Reagan.  “Fudge,” I thought, so I whipped my phone out of my bag, and began texting her.  Before I could send it, a message came through from my husband.  It was a hilarious text message, and I couldn’t resist responding with a (AHHH-HMMM) inappropriate response.  I wrote him back, then I wrote Reagan back, and hopped on the train.  It wasn’t until we were under ground, and without service that I realized I made a huge mistake.

I had sent Reagan the text message that was for my husband.

Say it isn’t SOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

I seriously could have died right then and there…and NO, I’m not going to tell you what the text said.  Use your imagination.

I got off the train, and braced myself for a response from Reagan.  I knew that she would probably find it hilarious, but it didn’t make it any less embarrassing.  I waited for the beep to come through, telling me that I had a text message, but there was nothing…crickets, rather.  I got back to my apartment and waited and waited, but still nothing.  After a while, I figured that she was trying to save me the embarrassment and just not respond at all.  I forgot about, did some more homework, and then at nine o’clock my phone buzzed.

She didn’t say much, but just simply responded with…

When all was said and done, she found it hysterical, and I tried to laugh about it, too.

But that wasn’t all.

When I plugged my phone in to charge it before bed, I noticed a peculiar icon in the upper left hand corner.  “Strange,” I thought, “what does that mean?”  I started playing around with my phone, and tried to make the symbol go away.  Soon I realized that the icon meant that there was a failed text message to someone.  I scrolled through my latest conversations, but couldn’t find whose message hadn’t been received.  That is, until I discovered that the unreceived message was to my mom.  I figured it must have been the picture of the cute puppy from the pet store, right?


It was the same message that I sent to Reagan.  I had hit reply all.

Yes, that happened.

Luckily, and may I add that I’m not a super lucky person, the inappropriate message didn’t go through to my mom, and I felt like the luckiest son of a gun ever.

I think if you’ve learned anything from this tale of the text mishap, it’s that you shouldn’t be multitasking a hundred and one things all at once.  Also, in other news, I’m about to throw my phone out the window and get a new one.

What about you?  Have you ever had a text mishap?  (Please make me feel better.)

~The End.


21 thoughts on “The Tale of the Text Message Mishap…

  1. Ok, I’ll tell you my two text mishaps. I’ve never sent an “inappropriate” message to anyone. The least embarrassing one was when I started asking a coworker what she wanted me to make for dinner (that was intended for Mike). That’s not too bad. The embarrassing one, was when I had left a visit with someone at about 2 PM. I had to drop a gift off to them. As I left I asked her if she wanted to grab lunch. She told me that she had to pack for an upcoming trip so she better not. We proceeded to talk for a while and I didn’t tell her I was STARVING because I didn’t want her to feel bad about not wanting to do lunch. As I left I texted “Mike”, “Ugh! I’m starving! I have to stop and get something to eat right now!” It wasn’t Mike. It was the friend I had just left. . . .

    • Lauren, I just LOL’d at your story. That was hilarious, but unfortunate and embarrassing at the same time! You just made me feel better. Haha.

  2. I haven’t had a text message mishap per say, but for many years I signed all my work emails “Best regards”. Then, at my latest job, my email signature is predefined by IT and I can’t set it to automatically include that phrase (dang IT!), so I have to manually type it in. I sent out an email to a couple of senior level managers and instead of typing “Best Regards”, I typed “Best Retards” and hit send. OOOPS! I was mortified, but luckily no one ever said anything to me. eeesh.

  3. I’ve never had that experience with a text message, but I did once send an email to a client that was intended for my assistant. I was complaining about said client and how she kept delaying and then expected me to rush to get everything to her. Yeah, not so good.

  4. I received a text from my BFF that was meant for her husband. Luckily it wasn’t naughty! I have What’s App on my phone and my biggest issue with it is that when you get a message, it will pop up on the screen but when you open What’s App to respond, it opens the chat with whoever YOU last messaged.. I am constantly sending messages to my sister in law that were meant for my husband and vice versa. I have to be especially careful not to complain about her to my husband via What’s App! I’m paranoid I will accidentally send her a message meant for him!

  5. Yep. Sure have. I was sending my boyfriend a message that said “I stink” and I accidently sent it to our landlord…I didn’t realize for like 30mins and than was going through my message and almost hid under my bed the rest of the day. I had to reply “Sorry, that was sent to the wrong person”, he replied back even and said “that’s okay”…hahahahah

  6. I’ve had quite the colorful online dating past and conversations tended to get racy rather quickly. I’m sad to say that on more than one occasion I’d reply to the wrong person. It’s hard to explain your sudden decision to move the fantasy from a bathtub to a gondola.

  7. Whew! I would have been jumping for joy about the failed message to my mom! I have accidentally sent a random text to a friend that was meant for my husband. Maybe my friend was OK knowing that I thought she looked “delicious” that day! Lol!

  8. I sent a text to my sister that was meant for my boyfriend on valentines day last year. It said “happy valentines day baby xoxo”. She still calls me baby to this day lol

  9. Ok so my BFF had a HILarious text mishap. She had just gotten remarried and had some augmenting of the chest region done. She decided to send her husband, Matt, a seductive text of her bending over showing off her newly voluptuous chest. Much to her horror she accidentally sent it to her exhusband’s brother whose name is also Matt. She realized immediately after she hit send that it was going to the wrong (very wrong) person but it was too late. The ex bro in law got to see the “new and improved” Kim! I still laugh out loud to myself every time I imagine it! Horrifying!! Hilarious! Thanks for your posts. Loves from UT!

  10. My mom meant to text me about a lady that was texting her at midnight, but she really sent it to the lady. It said something like, “this lady is texting me right now. Doesn’t she know what time it is??” whoops.

  11. I did send a text to my husband once that was intended for my sister, Shannon. I had spent an hour or so on the phone with my sister during which she had told me a story from her middle school years. She was quite nerdy in middle school and had one good friend, Jaime, that she spent most of her time with. One afternoon Jaime had a short conversation with one of the most popular girls in school. On the walk home Jaime told Shannon about the short encounter with the popular girl and Jaime and Shannon spent the rest of their walk home shouting “I’m popular” at the top of their lungs.
    I laughed pretty hard when Shannon told me the story. Later that day I was remembering the story and wrote a text for Shannon that said “I have an incredible urge to run out of the front deck and yell I’m Popular!”, only I accidentally sent the text to my unsuspecting husband while he was at work. He still teases me about it. Makes me laugh just writing it!

  12. I have not but my husband did receive one. It was early morning like 5 AM and he was in the shower getting ready for work. His work phone went off and he told me to check it to make sure he was not getting called out. Well the text message said “Hey it is raining and storming outside why don’t you come over and get in bed with me”. I thought “what in the world” and he asked what does it say and so I read it to him and he said who is that from. So I scrolled down to see who it was and comes to find out it was from my mom. We both just laughed. I decided to not say anything and later that day my mom calls and said to me “um I think I made a big mistake”. I played dumb and said “oh what happened” she told me she meant to send a text to her boyfriend Dave and instead sent it to Dan. She said do you think he read it. I said oh-ya he read and told people at work and they all think it is funny. I also told my brother and sister-in-law. It is funny and we still laugh about it even if it was 5 years ago.

  13. Hilarious! So good that your Mum never received her copy. I’m so paranoid about doing something similar that I rarely send an inappropriate message to my hubby (boring I know) but it doesn’t stop him from sending me messages that make me blush :-). The closest I came was accidentally sending a mundane message for my husband to a friend and it included the word darling, my friend had a good chuckle.

  14. I read this when you published this but I never got a chance to comment on it…
    My bestfriend sent me this very cool forwarded email, and I replied to her with [insert reeeeally weird phrase here…]

    Then I realized that she had forwarded it to more than one people, and that I hat hit reply all 😳

    Most either ignored it or replied with a chain of question marks.

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