It’s a Nice Day for a White Wedding…

Things have been so hectic lately, and I know my blogging has been sporadic, but I’m planning on getting back on a regular blogging schedule very soon.  Lots of stuff has been going on.  My parents came for a visit to Brooklyn last week to see me and Matt, but also to attend Matt’s younger brother Mike’s wedding.  The wedding took place in Long Island, and was beautiful.  Like any great wedding, it was filled with so much love and laughter, and I think everyone attending felt the love.  That’s the thing about a fantastic wedding, it can make you fall in love with your other half all over again.  Don’t you just love those kinds of weddings?

I was a bridesmaid for Mike’s wife Lauren, and Matt was Mike’s best man.  Can I please take a moment and brag to world?  I am pretty sure that there has never ever been another best man speech in all the history of best man speeches that could top Matt’s.  It was incredible.  He made the crowd laugh, cry, but most of all, he conveyed what an awesome guy Mike is and what a special relationship he has with Lauren.  It was such a beautiful speech, and I had to actively try to hold back my tears, because if I hadn’t, I would have cried like a total maniac.

It wasn’t all mushy gushy stuff though.  We also had so much fun dancing the night away to the incredible band.  Even when my feet hurt so bad that I thought they might fall off, I kept on dancing.  It was one of those weddings where the music was so good that you didn’t want to sit down.

Here are a few shots from the beautiful wedding…

Getting hitched

Me walking down the aisle with one of the groomsmen.

Matt’s sister Stefanie, her husband Justin, and our adorable twin nephews James and Joseph.


Mr. and Mrs. Palma

The most epic best man speech is taking place right here.

Brothers gotta hug.

My Mom and Dad

Me and my sister-in-law Stefanie.

Right after they took the plunge.


This is probably my favorite picture from the whole wedding. P.S. Lauren and I have no idea what we were doing here.

Livin’ on a Prayer

The blushing bride and her handsome groom. Btw, doesn’t Matt’s brother look exactly like a young Al Pacino circa The Godfather?

~The End.


7 thoughts on “It’s a Nice Day for a White Wedding…

  1. Beautiful Sarah! 🙂

    I love weddings, but I always end up at the butt end of the table – last time because Sultan showed up uninvited and expected to sit on the main table while the mother in law was relegated to the bridesmaids table where I was supposed to sit… 😦

    Still: Lovely ceremony and beautiful people! 🙂

    Love and hugs always!


  2. Since you brought here a set of amazing photos:The winning for me is of matt’s sister and her family (not addorable, crushing!) then, matt and you glowing pretty ( and adding of what u wrote about your husband- Obama behing u) The bride and the groom …blushing both…I can feel the love.

    I like weddings when there is the right hipe, as you put into words, when you feel the love. The brides girls with the matching gowns is such a good (american?) idea, first you don’t need to look after a dress all over and second…it’s cool!

  3. How beautiful! Especially since the bridesmaids dresses didn’t suck! Like, really, those are the most beautiful bridesmaid dresses I’ve ever seen, and you look absolutely as amazing as you are inside. You really sparkle, the gem you are. Lovely, lovely post! Mr. and Mrs. Palma are a glowing couple as well! 😀


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