A Few of my Guilty Pleasures.

Joan Rivers

She is one crazy b*tch.

Okay, okay, so we all know that this b*tch is crazy, but admit it, she is saying exactly what you’re thinking.

To be honest with you, I have no idea what changed.  I used to find this woman thoroughly obnoxious, but somewhere along the way, she made me laugh.  And then she made me laugh again.  And then I thought, “This woman is brilliant!”  There is something about her that is so wrong that it’s right.

She has a reality show with her daughter, and if you haven’t watched it, you must.  She is bat sh*t crazy, but she has a heart while acting like a maniac.  In a recent episode, a close friend of hers has passed away, so she decides to scatter his ashes.  Sounds normal enough, right?  Wrong!  I watched in horror (and awe) as she dutifully dispersed his ashes in places in LA like Rodeo Drive in front of Chanel, in the garden of the late and great Judy Garland’s home, and lastly on the dance floor of her friend’s favorite bar (which was immediately followed by a dance party led by Joan.)

This woman has completely lost her mind, but she is undeniably hilarious.

Jersey Shore

Speaking of a bunch of crazies...

Are you guys sensing a theme yet?

I told you these were guilty pleasures…

It’s actually painful for me to admit that I am pretty much obsessed with these fools.  Every one of them is more ridiculous than the next…and I LOVE it.  Like, I really love it, and I can’t hide it.

Snookie is by far my favorite, though I have to admit, I was really quite disappointed with her behavior when her bf was visiting in Italy last season.  That was some really gross stuff.  Oh, and also her behavior with Deena…that was just…well, strange…Okay, so maybe Snookie isn’t my favorite.  Maybe I don’t even have a favorite, but let’s just say I love this show as a whole.  Sure it’s mayhem, and a complete debauchery every week, but boy oh boy does it make me bust a gut.  In a good way.

Makenzie from Toddlers and Tiaras

This child is cray-cray.

This child is totally out of control, and I can’t stop watching the train-wreck.

Whether she is screaming (in her thick southern accent), “I want my ne-ne” (ne-ne is code for pacifier by the way), or telling other kids to stop hugging her when they recognize her from television, there is no denying that this child is pure entertainment at its best.

I just feel bad for her mother who gets OWNED by Makenzie on nearly every episode.

Teen Witch

Yes, this movie was filmed in the 80's.

“Top that, stop that, I don’t really give, uh, about that.” <–Does that ring a bell.

Basically this movie is the cheesiest movie you could ever dream up.  It’s like “Pretty in Pink” with Molly Ringwald, but with little people and musical numbers.

It is probably the most random film you will ever lay your eyes on, and if you’re watching it you’re likely to think, “What the H am I even watching right now?!?!”  But then something magically happens…you’ll get sucked into all the musical locker room scenes, and you just might find that you’re actually enjoying yourself.  A lot.

Well, that’s all for now, folks.

But tell me…what are some of your guilty pleasures?

~The End.

Photos by hellogiggles, tv.yahoo.com, eonline.com, nj.com


30 thoughts on “A Few of my Guilty Pleasures.

  1. LOVE this! I recently discovered Makenzie and I am terrified of her/love her. “Ne-Ne was a hard workin’ lady…” Hahaha!

  2. I must admit to watching Batman, the TV series, Chuggington (a kIds CGI series where all the trains talk and don’t need drivers) as well as any Marvel Comic cartoon series.

    I guess I’m hooked! 🙂

    God Bless!


  3. My guilty pleasure is the reality show Dance Moms. Abby Lee Miller, the dance teacher is a total psycho. She favors one girl over another and does Not hide it, which pisses all the other girls moms off! Of course, this leads to LOTS of drama , fighting and bickering! One of the moms actually called Abby a whore she was sooo mad!! I swear it’s like a train wreck, you just can’t stop watching!!! Tuesdays on Lifetime at 9:00 pm!!

    • oh em gee Merrilee I completley agree with you. Abby is cray cray, but the moms, oh the moms in their little room above the dance floor…they are insane. I once watched it for 3 straight hours and by the end I was like “wow…I dont even know what to say” and I’ve been hooked every since.

      • Last week was off the wall!! I CANNOT believe Kathy from Candy Apples Dance School! She says the meanest things to the mother of Chloe. I swear that show must be scripted because if someone called me BIG NOSE I would deck them!! Unbelievable!! Not to mention down right MEAN!!! BTW her kid can’t even dance, and she s a dance teacher!! Ha Ha!!!

  4. I’ve discovered a love for watching bad movies in a Grenadian movie theater with wine in my system. Now every time I see a movie trailer that promises wretched dialogue and pathetic plot, I’m totally stoked! :-p

    • I know it’s horrible but I can’t stop watching either! I actually look forward to see what drama will unfold!! It’s NUTS!!!

  5. OMG I pretty much have the same guilty pleasures and I looove Teen witch! But I have to add one guilty pleasure that I’m not proud of…..I’m obsessed with Keeping up with the Kardashians and all of their spin-offs. I know, I know they’re the most superficial beings on E! but I just can’t help myself, if the show is on I will watch it. BTW I really enjoy reading your blog, I will definetly be coming back 🙂

  6. baby beauty queens are a little like Chucky, the insane horror puppet. At least for me.

    But I can’t catch my breath for joan rivers. I could get gay to be one of her boyfriends. But its hard to BE with her, don’t you think? She’s always ON! Its taken me a lifetime to slow down and enjoy. Poor joan. poor Melissa!

    Hooray for comedy. Down with pathos!

    ‘Crimes and Misdemeanors”. .Woody Allen.

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  7. I’ve actually seen “Teen Witch” before….a long time ago, though! Is there a scene where she’s sitting in a chair and spins around and around casting some love spell or something? Or did I just describe a scene from a totally diff movie?!

  8. I am totally with you on Joan Rivers. Fashion Police is one of my absolute favourite shows ever! But I have to wait till hubby is out- I don’t want him to think less of me…
    My other big one (its a pun, you’ll get it in a sec…) is Biggest Loser. here in Australia the new series is starting tonight. I am SO excited! No more sleeps…

  9. I can see why you like Joan Rivers and it kind of applies to me I think.
    Yes, I find her confusing, but I still laugh.
    Do you know Ruby Wax? If not I can highly recommend her, she has a wicked sense of humor, too.
    In fact I have this theory that they were born as twins and separated right after they were born. The two of them at the same place, at the same time are sure to drive everyone meshugge 🙂 ROFL

  10. I want to take a moment to reflect on your inclusion of Jersey Shore here. Because I think up to 50% of people (and possibly as little as .003% of them) who SAY they hate it don’t really *hate* it in the sense that they would never watch it… because most of us who LIKE it only like it because it’s a crazy, hilarious, disgusting travesty unravelling before our eyes. I’ve seen each episode at least once (and I try not to see any more than that), and I watch the new episodes when they air, if I can. I won’t go out of my way for it. But it is certainly a guilty pleasure, just like you’ve said. Also, my favorite is Pauly D, because as awful and ridiculous as he is, there is some hint of humanity beneath that gelmet (that’s his hair & gel helmet). Plus, he’s hilarious.

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