What Are You Doing On New Years Eve?

Well, Matt and I are not doing much more than chilling at home, and that is just fine with us!  We are enjoying the rest of the holidays, and are more than happy to stay in for the night, away from the hustle and bustle.

However, there is one more reason that we aren’t out partying like it’s 1999…

I'm sure Prince would scoff at our vegging out on New Years Eve, but I just can't deal with the crowds...

Matt is sick.  Really sick.  Poor thing.

Since we’ve been back in the States, we have been on somewhat of a sushi binge.  However, last night it came to a crashing halt.  Matt gorged on an array of sushi, which was directly followed by extreme sickness (I won’t go into the gory details), that eventually landed us in the ER until 2:30 in the morning!  Thankfully Matt got some intravenous fluids, and is now feeling a lot better (though not 100%).  I think it’s pretty safe to say that we will not be eating sushi for quite a while again.

Presently, Matt is snuggled up like a bug in a rug and is sleeping it off like a champ.

So, I thought, since its New Years Eve, and it’s all about new beginnings, I thought I’d take this opportunity to let you all in on a little secret.  I have waited to disclose this, because I really didn’t know if I would stick with it or not, but now I think it’s safe to tell you that I’ve been writing a Young Adult novel for the past four months.  <–You all thought I was going to say I was pregnant, right?!  Sorry if I misled you!

Anyway, this whole novel thing started because of a class I took this past semester in school called Writing for Young Adults.  I started to notice that I was spending most of my free time writing, and when I realized I was skipping The Real Housewives of New Jersey to write, I knew it must mean something.  So, I kept at it, and just kept writing….and writing…and writing.  I couldn’t help myself!  My imagination ran rampant with all the characters, and now I almost have the first draft of a young adult novel completed!

Matt and I are heading out to Texas in a few short days, where he will begin his intense preparations for his Step 1 Exam for medical school.  He’ll be in classes from about 8am-5pm, and my plan is to spend that time finishing my own project…my first novel!

Who the H knows what will happen with it, but I am going to keep you updated with the process….and it might be a long process with all the editing and such, but my goal is to send out query letters to publishers/agents by the end of this coming year.

I am dying to tell you all what it’s about, but I have been warned to not post too many details on the internet about the plot, as some people steal ideas.  So, please forgive me, but I have to wait, at least a little while.

I will tell you this…it’s not a fantasy novel and it does not involve anything supernatural (like vampires, or anything of that sort.)

There definitely aren't any Bella and Edward-esque relationships going on in my novel...Well, there is a young romance (there's got to be), but it doesn't involve a vamp and a human...

It’s more on the quirky/girly side, a bit like Clueless, it involves lots of drama and laughs (hopefully), and it’s not something that anyone else has ever written about before (at least I don’t think so…)


That was my big secret I’ve been busting to tell you!

What are you doing on New Years Eve?

See you next year!  <–Sorry I had to…

~The End


11 thoughts on “What Are You Doing On New Years Eve?

  1. New year has been spent drinking beer, eating diet foods, listening to radio comedy sitcoms etc. and just relaxing.

    Life, I say, is good…

    i did a bit of writing myself.

    My first manuscript my dad made me burn a page at a time to impress on me how crap it was before he destroyed my typwriter, the second was written during my darker days so isn’t worth publishing as it also needs a lot of work to repair it.

    Follow your dreams hun – you have a good mind and remember: If at first you don’t succeed then skydiving is not for you…

    Love and hugs!!!


  2. We spent New Year’s Eve with your parents and the Mcdonald’s!! Had a great time at Wicked & dinner!!! Hope Matt feels better soon & have a safe trip to Texas!!

  3. yes…i thought about a baby, what when I read that you thinking about it some time, I knew that you can’t be pregnent, because when you will be you will think only about boy or girl and with your mother help or without. Nevertheless dear Sarah, you do have a baby! this book is your baby. I was thinking about it when I read your blog, beside enjoying the content and the language, you are hard working on this area…and this is a compliment…because the writing is a mental work that usually starting with the sentence: “I am busy today i will continue tmrw”. Good Luck!

    The new year eve here in Jerusalem spent by reading the forcasts of a famous witch, she is saying things like: Obama will not be ellected again, wide fires in the states and stay away from the roller coaster and things around, Madona will get marry again, Britney will divorce again, Angellina and Brad, finito, and Angellina is very sick…the economy in the states will recover but not for a long time.

    so, with that forcast I will continue tmrw.. I am going now to my day job, that involve writing and searching….

    Good trip to texas, don’t worry about fires, it is winter now, thatnks G-D.

  4. Yay!!!! So excited for you! Good luck and can’t wait to hear more about it. Hope Matt feels better soon. Happy New Year!

  5. That’s so exciting. Judging from how much I adore your blog, I’m sure I’d greatly enjoy your novel as well. Good luck, woman!! And Happy New Year!!!!!!

  6. Based on what I read on your blog, I’ll bet your novel is quirky, fun, insightful, and a tearjerker in parts. I look forward to reading it … and recommending it to my students.

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