Would You Rather…Part Deux

Would You Rather…

Be smart and ugly?


Or dumb and hot?

Kendra says some pretty boneheaded things, although her hubby claims she is actually very smart...Not sure if I concur.

Would You Rather…

Be too short?

Danny Devito is said to be about 5 feet tall, but I think he is more like 4'9".

Or too tall?

At least your theme song could be "Brick House." So, there's that...

Would You Rather…

Be able to see the future?

Just think you could know how everything is going to turn out before anybody else...

Or have more money than you could ever spend in a lifetime?

Not sure if he's in that status, but you get the point...

Would You Rather…

Be imprisoned in a foreign country for three years?

Oh Foxy Knoxy, what did you get yourself into...

Or have every one of your teeth pulled while your conscious?

You could always get falsies...

Would You Rather…

Watch an episode of True Blood with your parents, where Bill and Sookie (or Eric and Sookie) get down in the dirt?

Can you imagine how awkward that would be? Eeew!...Just think happy thoughts...happy thoughts...

Or accidentally witness your dad slipping your mom the tongue?


Would You Rather…

Have your life depend on running the full 26 miles of the New York City Marathon, or be killed?

Ooooooh, I don't know...

Or take the Bar exam (without any previous knowledge or schooling) and have to pass, or be killed?

Yikes. I don't know which is worse...

Would You Rather…

Get caught singing at the top of your lungs in the mirror by a loved one?

"You make me feel like a natuuuuurrrrallll womannnnn..."

Or have a stranger open the door to a dressing room while you’re in your underwear?

Well, maybe if you're Heidi Klum you wouldn't care...

Would You Rather…

Make headlines for heroically saving someones life?

But you might have to jump in front of a New York City subway to do so, like the "Subway Hero" did.

Or win a Nobel Peace Prize…

Mother Teresa won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979.


What would you rather?

~The End


13 thoughts on “Would You Rather…Part Deux

  1. Having saved the lives of two children from drowning (long story) and been pushed to suicide for no good reason I guess I’ll have to say that these are questions I simply cannot answer…

    Love and hugs!


    • Ooops sorry Prenin! I didn’t realized any of these questions would be offensive to you. It was supposed to be all in good fun…

      • They’re NOT offensive!!! LoL!!!

        If I had the choice I’d be young, handsome, rich and brilliant, but I’m 51, butt ugly, poor and only slightly smart! LoL!!!

        Love and hugs sweety!


  2. Why do both options have to be crappy? How come it can’t be like, would you rather have 10 million dollars in gold, or in real estate? I would play that game.

  3. These are hard ones! But I’ll try…

    1) dumb and hot….I’m already smart and ugly (LOL, just kidding..kinda) and that’s not working out too well.

    2) too short. At least you would be able to still fit in most things. I can think of a lot of stuff that has weight/height limits that I wouldn’t want to give up.

    3) more money to spend in a lifetime. i wouldn’t want to know the future even if i could. that’s like playing God, and i’m not up for that!

    4) this one is hard. having your teeth pulled would be extremely painful…but probably not for too long. but then and again, just chillaxin in a jail would be okay too…except that it’s in a foreign country and they’re not as “luxurious” as our American prisons. So…I think i’m gonna go with having a tooth pulled.

    5) watching true blood. i love that show, and my family has no shame in that! LOL

    6) i don’t think it would really matter what I chose, because i would die either way. but i do suppose attempting to take the bar exam would be less painful…and who knows, maybe i would have some luck???

    7) i’d rather be caught singing…as a matter of fact, i do this all of the time (and i don’t sing worth a darn)…hey, if they love you, then they’ll just have to deal with it. right?!

    8) nobel peace prize. just always been a dream of mine. i wouldn’t want to be in a position to have to be a hero and save somebody’s life…and i definitely wouldn’t want to get any kind of headlines or fame for it!

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