A House For A House…

Okay people, I think I am losing my marbles.  I know that sounds like a strong statement, but I seriously think…(hint: read caption below.)

I'm goin' cray cray.

I have seriously been so forgetful lately, that it’s not even funny.

First, a couple of weeks ago I lost one of our house keys.  I’m not sure when exactly it happened, but the result of losing one of the only two keys we had, proved to be an enormous debacle.  I racked my brain trying to figure out where I’d put it, looked everywhere, and still couldn’t find it.  I felt like I was going bonkers.  We ended up having another one made, but like anything else in Grenada, it was not a fast process.  It took over a week to get a new key, and in the mean time, it was really annoying because one of us always had to be home so neither of us got locked out.

Then, just last night I was cleaning up my desk and arranging things like books, my multiple sets of ear phones, pencils, pens, my phone charger, etc.  It had been awhile since I had really organized my desk, so I was doing a really thorough job.  After completing the task I felt very accomplished and like everything was straightened out.  However, today I went looking for my phone charger and I couldn’t find it anywhere!  It was like the key saga all over again.  Matt and I were looking under the bed, in closets, and at one point I even looked for it in our kitchen cupboards.  I couldn’t believe I had done it again!

Here’s an interesting tidbit.  I have been known to throw away really important things from time to time.  I know that, that sounds crazy, but I don’t do it on purpose.  It usually happens when I’m cleaning.  For example, this could happen when I’m picking up around the house, you know, just cleaning up and putting things in their place.  I once threw away a remote control for the television.  I couldn’t find it anywhere (like the key and phone charger) and happened to think to look in the garbage…low and behold there it was!  I couldn’t believe it.  I had absolutely no recollection of having thrown it away.  I don’t even know what made me look in the garbage in the first place.  It was like I blacked out and walked like a mummy to the garbage and threw it out.  Don’t laugh.  It is so not funny!

It got me thinking, though, after watching an episode of House on Monday night…

House to the rescue.

So, basically there was this guy on episode who just kept giving away all of his money, and then when he had no more money, he tried to give away his kidneys and other various organs.  Okay, so you’re all probably going, “What the h does this have to do with you being a lunatic and throwing away important items?!”  Well, all throughout the episode they make you think that the guy is a little eccentric, but nothing more.  However, at the end of the episode, House comes in and saves the day (of course) and we find out that there was actually something pathologically wrong with the guy.  He had a problem with his thyroid, and it was causing him to be over generous.  I know it’s a long shot, but maybe my unconscious habit of throwing things away is some kind of condition!

I’m really only kidding.

Although…if I happen to need a diagnosis, it’s a good thing I have my own personal House hanging around my house.  Just saying.

Dr. House...Ahhh-hmmmm....I mean, Dr. Palma.


10 thoughts on “A House For A House…

  1. Sounds like you just need a slow down in all the craziness of life going on around you:) I find things in the weirdest places at home all the time and just like you how did that get there and why oh why would I have put that there to begin with. It should be called the crazy auto pilot that lives inside your head and makes us seem a little crazzzy at times! Hang in There & Have a Great Day:)

    • You know, that is exactly what it is…AUTO PILOT! You nailed it…I’m on auto pilot. Even if it’s not, I like it, so I’m sticking to it!

    • Oh yes, Matt knew! He was just, like, “Who does that?!” He was laughing at me hysterically! It’s okay, he already knows he’s married to a crazy broad! Ha!

  2. My memory is getting shocking! 😦

    When I was assembling my new chair I mislaid the allen key I needed to tighten up the screws.

    I looked everywhere without success, sat down on the couch and it was on the cushion to my right.


    Needless to say it is now with my box of watchmakers tools! LoL!!!

    Love and squishy hugs!


  3. I’m sorry, Sarah, but I was really laughing, because I’ve done the exact same thing. I might have threw away a remote control as well, ’cause I’ve never find it. Don’t worry, I just think that, sometimes, happens, lol!
    Have a lovely day 🙂

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