Hi-ho, Hi-ho, it’s off the fish market we go…

Today I went to the fish market in downtown St. George’s, with two of my friends here, Jessi (yoga instructor) and Krystal.  We hopped on a reggae bus (<–It’s more of a van than a bus, but that’s what all the locals call it), and sweated profusely (<–No air conditioning whatsoever) and rode together all the way the fish market.  Every day they have different types of fish, so you never really know what you’re going to get.  The market is literally located right on the water, so you see the fishermen bring the fish in huge buckets right after they’re caught.  Today they had red snapper, mahi-mahi, and barracuda.  The woman weighing and selling the fish kept calling the mahi-mahi ‘dolphin’ and I was really confused, but I looked it up online when I got home, and apparently mahi-mahi is a kind of dolphin.  So, that’s kind of awkward…I don’t want to really be thinking about Flipper while I consume my dolphin…ahhhh hmmmmm excuse me…mahi-mahi later tonight.  So, I’ll just try to forget-sy I ever heard her say that, and hope Bill Compton will be around later to glamor me…Here’s hoping…

The infamous fish market


Red snapper...P.S. Aren't fish eyes super creepy? Eeeww-y.

Sorry Flip...

After you buy your fish, you take it to this guy who de-scales it for you.

He'll even filet it for you...what a guy, what a guy!

After we left the fish market, we decided to check out the fresh produce market a few blocks away.  It was sweltering hot, but I was on a mission to find lemons, and I was not messing around.  Believe it or not, lemons are extremely hard to come by here.  I know, isn’t that weird?  You would think there would be lemon trees everywhere, but not so much.  The lemons they do have in Grenada are actually green, and the limes here are sometimes yellow.  Double weird.  The green lemons are extremely tasty, though, and sweeter and less sour than lemons you would get in the U.S.

The fresh produce market and Jessi assessing the sitch.

My add should read, 'Desperately Seeking Lemons.'

View from the ride home

Btdubs, I did end up finding lemons, and it kind of made my day.  So, yay!

P.S.  I will let you know how the fish turns out tonight!


10 thoughts on “Hi-ho, Hi-ho, it’s off the fish market we go…

  1. Bahaha you totally did steal it! It’s ok I still heart you b/c you make giggs.
    P.S. all I could think about while reading was if the non-air conditioned bus was that hot, how stinky your ride home was with the fishy. Say it ain’t so!!

    • I mean, I had to steal it, it was too good to not! Btdubs, I have also been using it in every day convo’s too! Ahhhahaha! P.S. The fish was so fresh, that thankfully it didn’t smell at all!

  2. Started reading you via suggested from Reagan’s blob which was a suggestion from . . . .heck i don’t remember! Anywho’s for this girl from southern Oklahoma a fresh fish and produce market is perfectly dreamy!

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