Ommmmm…(insert long nasalized close-mid back rounded vowel here.)

Today I decided to try this yoga class on campus, which I have meant to take a crack at, for at least a year now.  I have never done yoga before…Yeah, can you believe it?  I know, I know, its cray cray…I guess I have been intimidated to try it, because I didn’t know what to expect.  I have danced my whole life, and from what I have heard, yoga is basically the opposite of ballet, so I was scuuuuured.  I felt like the coast was clear, though, because a good friend of mine (and work-out partner) oh yeah…(and fellow director of The Vagina Monologues this past spring), instructs the class, and encouraged me to just go for it.  So, I did…And now I’m obsessed.  First of all, it was at 5:30pm, which is the perf time to be outside in Grenada.  The sun was going down throughout the course of the class, and there was a gorgeous breeze.  Oh, and I almost forgot, the class takes place in a setting overlooking the Caribbean water.  Ummm…I die. <–Sorry that was random, but I just watched a little of The Rachel Zoe Project.

Check out the view.

I took this at the beginning of the class. Isn't it gorg?! P.S. Can you taste the rainbow?

On a side note, I definitely have a little a lot to learn about yoga.  For example, I walked into the class like, “Hey!  What’s goin’ on?”…all loud and boisterous.  I’m Italian, so I talk loud, well, I don’t know if it really has anything to do with being Italian, I think I am just what you might call a “loud talker.”  Then, I realized everyone was already getting in touch with their centers, so I felt really dumb…So, I just zipped my lip, put my towel down, and started to imitate what everyone else was doing.  I think I was doing okay fakin’ til I made it, but I will tell you, I have never felt more ungraceful in my life.  Everyone who told me how yoga is the polar opposite of ballet was so right on.  I kept wanting to rotate my leg out, and point my toes.  I couldn’t believe how much trouble I was having finding my balance.   I felt like an awkward sally wanker <–don’t even ask me what the h a ‘sally wanker’ is, because I couldn’t even tell ya.  It’s a name my husband coined, and I happen to find it hilarious.  Anyway, the moral of the story is: I heart yoga, and I can already tell that it is something I am going to heart for a very, very long time.

This is me attempting the plow pose...Such a lovely name, for such a pose, eh?


Look at this little ki-cat I saw on my walk home. I know black cats are supposed to be bad omens, but this little guy was a such a cutie-patootie. If I see Winifred from Hocus Pocus later, I'll know who sent her.

Had to stop to take this pic of the view on my walk home.

As they say in yoga…Namaste…P.S.  I have no idea what that means.


14 thoughts on “Ommmmm…(insert long nasalized close-mid back rounded vowel here.)

  1. I share your hearting of yoga! Though it’s totally the opposite of ballet, at least you have a leg up (pun intended?) in that you’re flexible! When I did Birkram Yoga (which I heart lessssss) I always got called out during one of the leg extension/balancing poses for turning out my leg. But it’s so much harder to balance when you can’t open up your hips and point your toe! Anyhoo, I like yoga better than pilates for the sole reason that at least I feel successful in certain poses being slightly more flexible than your average joe (this does not relate to some of the crazy yoga stretches, obvs).

    But I’m totally jealous of your gorgeous setting! I think the only reason I didn’t die during my brief bootcamp stint was that we at least did some of the crazy workouts on the lake with the skyline ahead of us! Focusing on the pretty makes it much easier to cope!

    • If you heart Bikram Yoga less, then I shall not heart it at all. Haha. It’s funny what you say about flexibility…I always thought I was super flexible, but I didn’t feel so much tonight.

      • Hee. Actually, I loved all the poses at Bikram but the heat was either really refreshing or made me want to vom, depending on the day. Here are the poses you do each time: The Standing Bow Pose was the only one I was a rockstar at….you’d probably be the same! (Also ’cause you have to do the whole movement without falling over, which was not always easy being so hot and sweaty!)

      • That actually looks really really cool. Actually, I think I might heart that after all!

  2. Great post! Fun blog!

    You have inspired me to give yoga a chance. A new yoga place just opened in our neighborhood, but I have always been intimidated by it too. Thanks for the encouragement!

    • Hi Melissa! Thanks for reading! You should definitely try yoga, and don’t be scared at all! Oh, I almost forgot, and make sure you go to the back of the class, (at least for the first time), so you can see what everybody else is doing! Ha!

  3. Just wanted to say I *love* your blog. I basically giggle every time I read a new post. Bdubs, the wedding shoo shoo post was hysterical. Totally not TMI… Though I have Crohn’s Disease so poo is nothin’ but a thang in my world! I followed over from Reagan’s blog but I’m still a silent reader over there. Oh, and never say you’re a loud talker… You just project well! 🙂 I’m a no-yoga-doer but I would probably reconsider if I could do it in that setting too! Gorgeous.

    • Hi Jessie! Thanks so much for saying you like my blog! You are so funny…First of all, I am totally stealing Bdubs (brilliant), and second of all, can I just say that you are hilarious for saying that poo is nothing but a thang in your world. So classic. Heehee. Thanks for reading:)

  4. Omg, I thought you’d done yoga before! And no worries, everyone yells hi to me when class starts, lol! 🙂 And I thought you did great! P.S. Namaste=the light in me bows to the light in you xoxo

  5. Soooo I was going to comment yesterday, but then I felt like the fact that I read your blog makes me some weird high school stalker person LOL. Anyways, I have recently developed a new found love for yoga, and if you keep up with it, I’m sure you will too. The work out is awesome. My teacher is like mid 40s and this itty bitty muscular thing I just can’t stand it. I prefer Ashtanga to other kinds. ANYWAYS, while it is much different from ballet my teacher tells me that because we’re dancers we have a connection with our bodies that give us an advantage to the average joe because we know how things feel or should feel? Thought you might like that insight. Oh yea, and I’ve also been taking old fat lady ballet classes since I’ve left Michigan and although not the same, balance is balance and strength is strength so I do think it’s helped me in ballet class too. So, YAY! Good luck on your yoga adventure 🙂

    • Omg, Kat! Hiiiii! Don’t be crazy, I am so happy you read my blog! I wish more people would read it, too! You are so hysterical right now…Old fat lady ballet classes. I want to take old fat lady ballet classes too…Wahhhh, but I’m in Grenada…

  6. This looks all lovely and I got all motivated to get into the plow pose until I realized that these G cups will pretty much suffocate me lol

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